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About Red Baron Digital LLC



In 2013, Red Baron Digital founder Harim Leon was beginning his career in freelance photography and filmmaking. It was here while working for nonprofits, public figures, and startups that he first noticed the need. His clients were struggling with more than just quality content. Somewhere in the wake of running a business, fighting competitors and hired digital agencies, they forgot the mission they started with. Under all the demands of managing a profitable business, how would they make time to develop new growth? They needed a fresh set of eyes, a creative content partner that loves and understands their mission. Harim began helping companies recapture their "mission" which resulted in lasting professional relationships and continued business growth.  With a passion for creative solutions and a desire to help, Harim created Red Baron Digital LLC as a long-term content partner to help brands find their voice and fulfill their mission. 


What is a Content Partner?

Being a content partner starts with a new or already developed business plan. They are responsible for helping develop and storing assets relating to brand-wide consistency. For example logos, footage, RAW photos, related statistics, graphics, color codes, slogans, etc. Content partnerships are often contracted for 3 months to a year or longer. Their purpose is to reach both short term month to month deadlines as well as longterm growth and branding goals. In doing so they relieve other pressured aspects of their client team to maximize their efficiency in preparation for said growth. Sometimes the content partners role is as simple as creating and fulfilling the necessary deadlines in order to assure the goals are met. Other times it looks like consulting and developing a complex media hierarchy, everything from mini-documentaries, product reels, Facebook ads, and Instagram stories released in a consistent calculated manner with brand-wide consistency. All of this is done while using the clear unified voice to accomplish that brands individual mission.


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Red Baron Digital founder Harim Leon (center) in attendance at the Nashville Filmmakers Guild

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